In a highly competitive environment, every organization, irrespective of the nature of activities, has to excel its performance in a continuous and sustained manner for survival and growth. Only those who can deliver the results with utmost quality and reliability at competitive rate in line with ever changing needs and wants of the customer will only succeed.
Periodical Training & Development programmes are most essential to ensure Immediate contribution from employee. Confidence building for retention of manpower, stress management programmes & relaxation module for motivation for better productivity; training modules, are provided by us satisfying your budget with highest satisfaction.
Kochi is one of the most actively emerging cities not only in India but also in South Asia. A host of development projects are likely to transform Kochi into a key center of development in South India. An estimated investment of Rs. 40,000 Crore, both public and private, is in the pipeline seeking to make it an emerging hub of IT and sea-based industries. Sanctions have been accorded for investment of Rs. 22,000 crores in and around Kochi over the next five years by the Centre. Out of Rs. 40,000 crores central investment proposed in Kerala, Rs. 22,000 cores has been earmarked for Kochi alone apart from the IT Private Sector, which is estimated around Rs. 12,000 crores. This has evoked the need to provide training and motivation to the company employees.
Ascent Institute of In house Training provides an ideal environment for Residential corporate training, along with food for upto 25 delegates at an affordable and reasonable cost.

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